[Secret Garden]

Artist 01 

Lee jeon kyung

Artist Lee Jeon Kyung’s portrays things that were rare in the past and things that are common in the present. Her artwork ranges from traditional Korean painting to graphic design. She mixes hierarchical relationships, time period, meaning, and materials to draw her traditional work.

책가도-청공도 淸供圖

Lee got inspiration from Kang Se Hwang’s “책가도-청공도”. “청공” expresses objects necessary for a clear and clean lifestyle. In modern terms it means stationary or ornaments. “책가도” portrays the previously rare books and stationary. In other words, it shows the the desk we use everyday and are accustomed to. The objects in Lee’s “청공” piece may just seem like simple graphic images but each objects’s meaning is valuable and blessed. In the image of a repetitive alignment of stationary and books, one can search for their own desk. Each and every one of us with our own little desk are now literate.

운룡도 (Dragon among clouds)

The dragon swimming in circles in the clouds is the King’s dragon. The dragon’s scales are in Changdeokgung Daejojeon East Wall Bonghwangdo’s feather shape. Each scale has two layers of gradation and two layers of patterns. Being fancy yet countlessly repetitive, all you can see is the dragon’s figure. Being the King’s dragon means being larger than mountains but more delicate than butterflies. If you’re looking up from afar, all you can do is ponder. Within the clouds, there’s not only the King’s dragon but also the people’s dragon. The two dragon’s swimming together side by side is a dragon drawn to represent the farmers. When the village’s folk band plays their tune, the dragons take flight to lead the band. The dragon may have been drawn by a commoner but it is a diligent dragon that brings rain necessary for farming. Thus, the dragon is a harmless dragon that comforts the mind.  

Artist 02 

Choi moon jeong

Artist Choi Moon Jung, who does multicolored paintwork on traditional building, is the 48th intangible cultural assets on traditional multicolored paintwork. She brings traditional Korean paintwork into the modern world of art. At the age of 24, she learned under Buddhist monk Man Bong, who inherited the multicolored paintwork on Buddhist temples from the Josen Dynasty. During this time, she participated in Buddhist painting and traditional multicolored work on various sites such as Korean National Treasure number sixty-two in Geum-san temple.

Traditional multicolored paintwork uses only the colors blue, red, yellow, white, and black with different patterns and drawings. While this art style is traditionally only done on buildings, Choi instead chose to paint on wood and canvases to bring the artwork into galleries. She now is trying to bring this art style into the fashion world.

Artist 03 

Seo Hye Jin

Artist Seo Hey Jin uses drawings to record interesting figures in her surroundings. She combines these drawings with unique patterns and displays them in rows or she utilizes projects from everyday life to extend to unpredictable areas.

The drawings she has collected since 2007 generally show humans, animals and nature. The process of combining these different drawings has many enjoyable moments. Drawings from different times can overlap or they can be matched with colored paper, magazines traditional patterns and other printed paper to be newly formed. These small pieces naturally connect together to complete one story. In project to expand these drawings, this time they will be used in a collaboration with Danha to express Hanbok

Exhibition sponsorship Artist

Kim sung cheol

"작은 불빛에 마음이 끌려 빛을 담는 그릇을 만들게 된 작가입니다.

빛과 열 위에 서서 깜빡이고 흔들거리며 마음을 끄는 그것이 무엇인지 조금 붙잡아보고 싶습니다.

헤엄칠 줄 모르는 이가 물가를 서성이듯 저도 불가를 서성이고 있습니다."

빛을 담은 그릇을 만드는 작가 김성철의 [달등],[애기등],[백석등],[봄꽃등],[빙등잔]을 전시기간동안 비원의 작은방에서 감상할수있다.


"나의 작업에서 모자라는 것은 때로는 쓰는 사람을 드러내는 장식적인 조각이 되기도 하고,

때로는 쓰는 이가 숨을 수 있는 가변적 공간이 되기도 한다. " 

한국과 영국에서 순수미술을 공부한 박규은은 현재 헤드피스 브랜드 큐 밀리너리를 운영하고 있으며, 아트그룹 지오메트릭스터디의 미술감독을 맡고 있다. 모자를 상징성을 가진 하나의 오브젝트로서 접근하며 일상적인 모자부터 조각 개념으로서의 헤드피스까지 다양한 작업을 선보이고 있으며 전시, 패션에디토리얼, 공연 등 여러 분야에서 활발하게 활동하고 있다.

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