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2018.08.01 - NOW

Danha, a brand launched by designer Danha Kim in August 2018, expresses the beauty of Korea in fashion, inspired by traditional patterns, fabrics and styles. 

The design of Danha, which encompasses tradition and modernity, can be worn not only for special occasions but also in everyday life.



Danha's clothes are made of eco-friendly fabrics that are harmless to people and nature, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Recycled fabric is used as a 100% polyester or organic cotton mixed, using a yarn extracted from abandoned pet bottles. Our goal is to make 70% of our clothing with eco-friendly fabric in 2021 and as we use eco-friendly materials, we are avoiding mass production.



Danha presents an upcycling fashion using abandoned wedding dresses. 

 Trend-conscious wedding dresses are thrown away after wearing them about four times, which accounts for a large portion of clothing waste. We dismantle and recombine discarded wedding dresses to be reborn as valuable clothes. 

 Using this, we would like to open an exhibition and expand the customer's perception of upcycling fashion. All of this is done manually at Danha Atelier.



Danha uses eco-friendly packages. Once an order is placed, we put it in a cloth-made Dumbo Bag and ship it in a non-adhesive prefabricated box without taping. Dumbo bags can be used in many ways, such as pouches and bags, by tightening the straps.



Danha's office is located in Seoul Upcycling Plaza(SUP) in Seongdong-gu. 

SUP is for companies that contribute to solving environmental problems through research on re&upcycling. The use of disposable products is prohibited here, 

and Danha is also working to create an eco-friendly work environment.

Danha Atelier

Danha Atelier is a service that produces customized clothes for only one customer. 

You can choose the color and pattern or your preference in the right size.

 The production period takes at least 2 weeks.

Ready To Wear

Seasonal collection products are introduced at online and offline stores.

"We like fashion, nature, and cherish Korean traditions. Members of various personalities respect each other and work together."

CEO / Designer

Danha Kim😍

A designer who designed BLACKPINK Hanbok!🐧

The 1st Hanbok designer of the year by the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism

2020 Korea's leading innovation leader by Newsmaker

Attending the MA and PhD Integration Course in Clothing at Sungkyunkwan Univ.

Graduated from a Royal Costume Institute (a Hanbok master's apprentice)

Vancouver Fashion Week SS20 Collection

COO / Director

Mia Lim🐶

All-around entertainer who is good at everything except sewing

GS SHOP Innovation Labs Designer

GS SHOP Visual ART team Designer

EASYWITH Motion Graphics Designer


Fashion Designer


The center of Danha🔪 

Attending the MA and PhD Integration Course at Dankook Univ.

Graduated from a Royal Costume Institute (a master's apprentice)

Fashion Designer


Wikipedia and bartender of Danha

a Hanbok master's apprentice

Fashion Designer


A colorful, hip youngest

GQ Korea Fashion team Assistant

University of the Arts London (UAL)

Marketing Manager


Enjoy and work well

Master's in International Business at University of Birmingham 

GS SHOP Visual Art team Designer

Benefit Magazine Designer


서울시 성동구 자동차시장길 49 서울 새활용플라자 313호 [단하주단]

49, Jadongchasijang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Open - Close

Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 6 PM

For visiting, please contact us via following service

Business contact : contact@danhaseoul.com 

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