Korean Style Fashion Brand 'Danha'

Danha is a design group that modernizes Korean traditional clothes. Our designs start with the environment and people end with tradition. The unique design of Danha, which seeks sustainable ethical ‘slow fashion’ rather than ‘fast fashion’ that causes global warming, will contribute to improving the world’s environmental problems.  

Eco friendly and Slow fashion

Danha’s clothes use environmentally friendly materials that are harmless to people and to nature, such as Organic or Recycled fabric. Also, we designs special products by upcycling clothing waste. Based on the Korean traditional drafting method, we strive to minimize the amount of cloth thrown away. We don’t do indiscriminate production. 

Happy workers

Danha`s crews are free workers who can choose what they want to do. We are people who enjoy fashion and nature, cherish Korean tradition, and love our work. We work together in an atmosphere where everyone is talking enough and working comfortably together, respecting each other.

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