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2018.08.01 - NOW

Danha, a brand launched by designer Danha Kim, expresses the beauty of Korea in fashion, inspired by traditional patterns, fabrics and styles.

The design of Danha, which encompasses tradition and modernity, can be worn not only for special occasions but also in everyday life.



Danha's clothes are made of eco-friendly fabrics that are 

harmless to people and nature, such as organic cotton and 

recycled polyester. Recycled fabric is used as a 100% polyester 

or organic cotton mixed, using a yarn extracted from abandoned pet bottles. Our goal is to make 70% of our clothing with 

eco-friendly fabric in 2021 and as we use eco-friendly materials, 

we are avoiding mass production.



Danha presents an upcycling fashion using abandoned wedding dresses. Trend-conscious wedding dresses are thrown away after wearing them about four times, which accounts for a large portion of clothing waste. We dismantle and recombine discarded wedding dresses to be reborn as valuable clothes. Using this, we would like to open an exhibition and expand the customer's perception of upcycling fashion. All of this is done manually at Danha Atelier.



Danha uses eco-friendly packages.

Once an order is placed, we put it in a cloth-made Dumbo Bag 

and ship it in a non-adhesive prefabricated box without taping. Dumbo bags can be used in many ways, such as pouches and bags, by tightening the straps.

Maison Danha

Maison Danha provides custom-made services for customers. The dedicated designer 

is in charge of the entire purchase process from body size measurement to delivery.

It is available to choose the right size, color, and pattern for your body.

Experience a special 1:1 custom service on the second floor of Maison Danha.


We present a wide range of seasonal collection products from blouses to dresses at on/offline stores.

We usually sell off-the-shelf products, but we can also customize them simply.

It's prepared so that you can wear it exactly on the day you want.

Try out unique clothes on the first floor of Maison Danha.