Transcendence Collection

' Transcendence 2023 S/S Collection ’ is a collection that aims to overcome our own limitations beyond the tradition and modernity of hanbok, hanbok and suits, time and color stereotypes. 

The collection was presented at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week and consists of costumes using the foreground artist's flower bird drawing pattern, Danha's wallpaper pattern, and royal cloth pattern. 

This foreground artist's flower bird pattern literally contains the appearance of flowers and birds, and from ancient times, our ancestors thought of flowers as a symbol of not only beauty, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and blessing, 

but also love, worship, and celebration. With this meaning, Danha tried to promote the beauty and biblical beauty of the relics themselves by presenting a court pattern using blazers 

and skirts made in the pattern of flower and bird painting, and Danha's wallpaper pattern. 

 * 2022 Paris Fashion week 

Butterfly Collection

' Butterfly 2022 F/W Collection' is a collection of butterfly patterns designed from the wallpaper used in the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty. 

The butterfly pattern of this collection is a pattern that combines the pattern of royal wallpaper with a butterfly, and was first introduced on the crowdfunding page Tumblbug. 

The wallpaper used for the butterfly pattern was borrowed from the wallpaper used by Seokbokheon of Changdeokgung Palace, 

and since Seokbokheon was the place of the concubine, the pattern paper made by patterning feminine flower patterns was mainly used. 

Based on this, the butterfly pattern developed by Danha includes a chrysanthemum pattern, which means longevity and biblical beauty, hoping that everyone wearing this will be healthy for a long time. 

Through this Butterfly Collection, more people will not only know the beauty of the cultural property itself, but also hope that the good mood of the cultural property will be conveyed to everyone. 

 * Tumblbug ' 조선 황실의 도배지 문양을 한복셋업으로, 나비문 한복셋업 ' Funding 11000% achievement / 2022 Paris Fashion week 

Shell-Pink Holiday Mini Collection

' Shell-Pink Holiday 2022 S/S Mini Collection ' is a collection designed referring to ' New Phoenix Patterned ' based on the royal cloth used in the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty. 

' The Shell Pink New Phoenix Patterned is a pattern designed as a Hallyu-linked project in 2021, and uses the Phoenix Patterned, one of the royal cloth patterns redesigned by Danha. 

As it is an S/S collection, shell pink is used as the main color to match the lively feeling of warm spring, and it consists of bright and cheerful designs. ( a waist skirt with pink ribbon details ) 

In particular, in the center of the ' New Phoenix Patterned ' used in the Shell-Pink Holiday Mini Collection, there is a pair of phoenixes surrounded by Yeonjumun, Wavemun, and Brainmun in a circular shape. 

Around the phoenix, eight small circles containing ’ 太·平·長·春(태·평·장·춘) ’ and ‘ 聖·壽·萬·歲(성·수·만·세) ‘ were alternately arranged. 

This is a wish that only good things will happen to all those who wear Danha, and it contains auspicious meaning of praying for longevity, wealth, peace, and prosperity of descendants.  

 * 2022 Paris Fashion week

Joseon Millennium Collection

' The Chosun Millennium 2022 S/S Collection ’ is a ‘ waist skirt collection ’ that newly designed the wallpaper used in the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty in four patterns. 

We tried to show a different design from the existing waist skirt by using Danha's steady-selling patterns, such as the Red Chrysanthemum, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Foliage Scrolls Patterned, 

and Turtle Patterned as a point on the chimat hem and waistband. The origin of Korean wallpaper has not been revealed, but pictures taken in the early 20th century of Injeongjeon Hall and the reproduction 

of Changdeokgung Palace show that royal wallpaper with colorful patterns was used for interior decoration. If you look closely at each wallpaper pattern, it consists of animal and plant patterns that contain auspicious meanings 

such as wealth, longevity, and security. This pattern is reproduced with Danha's unique sensibility, and it is designed to promote the beauty of the court pattern and not to be burdensome to wear in everyday life. 

 * Tumblbug  '아무도 몰랐던 조선황실의 패턴을 허리치마로. 궁중도배단치마' Funding 7000% achievement

BROWN&FRlENDS / Danha Collection

' BROWN & FRIENDS / Danha 2022 F/W Collection ’ is a collection made by Danha and Line Friends collaborating with cute Line Friends characters, Danha's pattern, and butterflies. 

This collection consists of items that can be used comfortably in everyday life, such as hand mirrors, aprons, and hairbands, as well as homewear, and was produced using Danha's steady-seller pattern, the ' Foliage Scrolls ' pattern. Norakdang, which originally had a pattern of doors, was a place where King Gojong and Empress Myeongseong took classes after they were chosen, 

and it is said that there is a colorful pattern of wallpaper that matches the power of Norakdang.

 The long stem of the Foliage Scrolls Patterned means 'to live constantly', that is, longevity, and persistence and development symbolically. 

In addition, we added ‘ good luck ‘ and butterfly patterns to create a pear-nat jeogori and navel blanket for children born in the 2022 Tiger Year with the meaning of ‘ I hope you grow up healthy and happy.’ 

* This product was produced in collaboration with Danha and Line Friends.

Joseon Wallpaper Collection

' The royal wallpaper used in the 'Joseon Wallpaper 2021 S/S Collection' was the wallpaper of Changdeokgung Palace Seokbokheon and Unhyeongung Norakdang. 

While Seokbokheon used a feminine flower pattern, Norakdang's wallpaper had a gold leaf pattern on the background of a large pattern to show the splendor. 

Among the various wallpaper, this collection reinterprets the five patterns of Red Chrysanthemum, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Foliage Scrolls Patterned, and Turtle Patterned 

and tortoise shell with Danha's unique sensibility to show Korean beauty.

Layered Collection

' Layered 2020 S/S Collection ' is a collection that expresses ‘ Double-Layered Window ' and ‘ Scenery in the Landscape ' in hanok as the key keyword. 

Underwear-based designs, which were not common in Joseon's conventional wisdom, were mainly designed to express the aesthetics of exposure and hiding by taking out underwear worn underneath and overlapping layers. 

Layered skirts and enclosing blouses offer new styles you've never seen before. 

In particular, the collection mainly uses silk, organic cotton, and recycled fabric extracted from waste PET bottles in the traditional Korean way, 

taking advantage of the traditional and environmental characteristics of Danha, and is designed with black, white, and indigo blue as the main color. 

In particular, white does not simply mean that "white" for Koreans, but it encompasses all white colors such as pure white and milky. 

In addition to this, it was used as the main color in line with Danha's brand philosophy of thinking about the environment because it means color as it is without artificial manipulation.

 * Vancouver Fashion Week 20SS Collection