01. How long does the average shipping take?

It takes about 3–5 days for general products or 2 weeks from the payment date for custom-made products. When customizing at Maison Danha, the period may vary depending on the amount and type of clothing. The designer in charge will let you know when the clothes will be completed according to the order.

02. What is the standard for the free size of Danha?

The standard for the free size of the Danha is from 44 to 66. In the case of a wrap skirt, it can be worn from 24 to 35 waist size. (There may be differences depending on the tightening of the waist strap.) Size 66 or more is released in L or customize after consultation.

03. Which eco-friendly material do you use?

The main fabric used is recycled organic cotton, which is a mixture of organic cotton and yarn extracted from waste PET bottles. And we also use vegan silk, eco-friendly tweed, vegetable leather, etc. 

We are exploring new fabrics to provide beautiful clothes with various eco-friendly fabrics.

04.How do I keep it and wash it?

Please take care of silk clothes by dry cleaning. It's good to dry-clean cotton clothes for the first time. Afterward, wash it as a lingerie course of the washing machine by putting it in the laundry net. 

Fold skirts vertically and hang it on a pants hanger or keep it in a Danha bag to keep it for a long. Iron it with a steam iron when you take it out and wear it.

05. Please tell me about the organic fabric used by Danha.

It is 100% organic pure cotton certified by Control Union and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the global eco-friendly certification bodies. It uses cotton grown on farmland that has not used chemical fertilizer for three years and uses natural starch and natural wax, which are easy to remove even in the event of spinning. In addition, oil from machines used for weaving or sewing is strictly prohibited from heavy metals, so it is a good fabric that can be used even for newborns.

06. How can I exchange/return?

If the product is defective, the full amount including the shipping fee will be refunded. In principle, delivery costs shall be borne by the buyer in case of size exchange or a simple change of mind. Exchanges/returns are possible within 7 days of receiving the item. Please apply for exchange/return on My Page and send the product to Danha. We will proceed with exchange/return after checking the product. (39-7, Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

*We are not responsible for any additional shipping costs incurred by your mistake in filling out your address or for the loss of the product.

07. What kind of packing material do you use?

Danha uses eco-friendly packaging materials. As a rule, we refrain from using plastic vinyl and wrap it in the paper. We put reusable dust bags in an eco-box with no plastic tape (using environmentally friendly glue) and wrap things in it. The dust bag is made strong for long-term use for a long time.