A frequently asked question.

01. How long does the delivery cost and delivery time take?

The shipping fee will be charged to your *FedEx customer number* once provided to us. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the item and the country of receipt (based on FedEx’s pricing standards), with shipping dates of at least 3 working days and up to 7 days in average. (There may be exceptions at times.)

02. Is customs tax included in overseas purchase?

Tax may vary in each and every country due to its own customs policy. There may be separately added customs tax aside from the original cost. It is due to customs policy in each country so we cannot lower the original price to avoid extra tax.

03. What is the standard of Danha’s Free size?

We recommend Free size for anyone within the range of a 44-66 size. A wrap skirt can be worn on a 24 to 35 waist (this is adjustable). Sizes 67 and up are considered L-size, and in case of tailored clothes, we customize your own tailored clothes after prior consultation. When you contact us through our website, we will happily reply to your questions within 24 hours.

04. What kinds of eco-friendly materials are used?

The main material is recycled organic cotton which is a mixture of threads extracted from recycled plastic bottles and organic threads. We also use natural silk materials and eco-friendly tweed. We keep developing new eco-friendly fabrics, as we aim to provide even more beautiful fabrics.

05. How to store / wash the clothes?

Clothes made out of silk should be dry cleaned. For clothes made out of cotton, it is better the dry clean for the first time. After that, we advise you to place the clothes in a laundry net and wash using the’lingerie’ setting. For skirts, you can hang them up on a trousers hanger and you can keep wearing the clothes for a long period, provided you fold them flat and store them in a Danha’s box. Iron it with steam iron, whenever you want to wear it. (Note: Do not use steam iron with Pleats Skirts. Just use a dry iron)

06. What is so special about the organic fabrics used by Danha?

It is a 100% organic cotton material certified by the Control Union, which is a global eco-friendly certification Authority, complying with the strict GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). We use raw cotton cultivated in agriculture that does not use chemical fertilizers during the 3 year-process, only using natural starch and wax that are easily removed during spinning. In addition, the machine oil for knitting and weaving is strictly prohibited to use heavy metals, so the clothes are also suitable for newborn babies.

07. Which kinds of packing materials does Danha use?

We use reusable eco-bags to pack our products for shipping. This reduces the weight and volume, thus decreases the shipping fee. And it is also reusable, which is eco-friendly. We discourage plastic use.

08. How can I get in touch with Danha?

Please leave your inquiry in the Q&A section on the home page. We will gladly reply to your questions within 24 hours. You could also send mail to nadia@danhaseoul.com. We are open to accommodate any tailored Han-bok and collaboration requests!